Be an Adarna book reviewer!

Receive two free storybooks of your choice when you submit a book review of one of our books for posting on this blog and our website!

You can write about so many things!

What interested you enough to buy / read the book?
What was the best part of the book?
If you could change anything in the book, what would it be?
What do you think of the illustrations used in the book?
Was there a character in the book that really stood out?
If you would use the book for storytelling, which part do you think your audience would really like?
Can you think of ways the book can be used in the classroom to teach a certain topic?
If you would recommend the book to others, what would you tell them?

Just choose one of our books, answer these questions in an essay of 400 words or more, and e-mail your review to ergoe [at] adarna [dot] com [dot] ph.  In the subject of your e-mail, write “Review: [Title of Book”].  Don’t forget to indicate the titles of the two storybooks you would like to receive when we publish your review!

4 responses to “Be an Adarna book reviewer!

  1. can i write my review in Filipino?

  2. also, can i write in english?

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