Book an author/illustrator

Our authors and illustrators are more than happy to participate in opportunities to share their knowledge and sign books for young readers!

To invite our authors and illustrators  to your event, please send us a letter of request indicating the following information:

• Name of author/illustrator you would like to invite
– Approval will depend on author/illustrator’s availability
• Event details
– What will the author/illustrator do?  (book talk, workshop, interview, lecture, etc)
– Can Adarna House set up a selling booth at the event?
• Set-up
– Where would the event be held?
– Is it an enclosed area or an open space?
– What equipment will you be able to provide?
• Audience
– How many participants will be present at the session?
– What are their ages?
– Are they more comfortable with English or Filipino?
• Schedule
– What time does the author/illustrator need to be there?
– How long does he/she need to stay?
– Is the event part of a certain celebration?
• Coordinator
– Who are we going to coordinate with?
– How can we get in touch with this person?

The letter should be sent to The Marketing Group through email: kaibigan [at] Among our requirements, as a courtesy to the author/illustrator being invited, is a guarantee that he/she will be able to sign at least fifty (50) of his/her Adarna House books during your event. Adarna House may also require a minimum purchase from its selling booth.

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