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Link Exchange

Be a proud reader of Adarna House books and let’s exchange links! Include our web button in your blog or website, then e-mail ergoe [at] adarna [dot] com [dot] ph the address to your site to be included on our blogroll.

For the image and link above, copy and paste the script below.

<a href=http://www.adarna.com.ph><img border=”0″ src=http://www.adarnahouse.com/uploads/image/buttons/NAGBABASA.gif></a>

For this smaller version, use the script below:

<a href=http://www.adarna.com.ph><img border=”0″ src=http://www.adarnahouse.com/uploads/image/buttons/NAGBABASA200.gif></a>

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What are we doing with our website?

On Monday, March 31, visitors to our website will be greeted by a new and better Adarna House online. And no, it’s not a prank in time for April Fools’.

We have decided to highlight the fact that we are not just about  books. And for us, that means two websites — one for books, and one for our events and services. For now though, what is available is our book site. The events and services website will be launched together with our new titles for this year on July 2008.

So what is new about the Adarna House site?

About Us now has the revised Mission and Vision. (And are we ever so proud!) It also has a listing of our staff, and our beloved authors, illustrators, and storytellers — complete with profiles. Getting up close and personal with the people behind our company has never been this easy!

The Product Catalog now has a dedicated page for each book. This dedicated page also features the profile of its author and its illustrator. And, readers may post their reviews of the book, to be included in the book’s profile. Of course, the book reviews will have to be approved before it gets posted — just because we’re scared of spam posts. We thrive on feedback. (How do you think we get better at what we do?) So we invite anyone and everyone to post away.

The Reading Programs button on our navigation bar currently takes you to a list of our (you guessed it!) reading programs. However, once our events and services website is up, this will be a link to that. That will have, among others, an always-updated list of past and upcoming events, the services you can avail of (workshops, field trips, book fairs, etc.), a community forum, features and articles on literature and children, and a lesson plan bank. Hopefully, this brief description explains why this website will be completed at a much later time.

The News and Events tab on the new Adarna House website would only show anything that has to do with our books — launches or reviews. All other articles will appear on the still under-construction other site.

Finally, we have our list of Frequently Asked Questions, which cover the usual inquiries we receive about sales, events, the company, and how one can get published by Adarna House. In case no FAQ item quite fits with what you have in mind, our Contact Us page carries a nifty Inquiry Form. Just fill it out completely and accurately, and your message will be sent to the person who handles the type of inquiry you sent in.

So there. It’s new, so it might not be completely bug-free. In case you catch some kinks, please let us know through ergoe [at] adarna [dot] com [dot] ph. Otherwise, we think you’ll be as click-happy as we are.

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