5 tips to help you choose the perfect Adarna House book


With over 100 different titles, our storybook collection offers an overwhelming amount of choices. Here are a few pointers that might help you narrow down your picks for the perfect picture book!

  1. Make sure it’s from Adarna House. Our books take at least 9 months in research and development for us to make sure that apart from complying with our literary and artistic standards, they are also developmentally and culturally appropriate. To know that the book you’re holding is a quality Pinoy picture book, look for our logo at the top left front cover.
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  2. Choose your preferred language. Or don’t, because most of our storybook titles are bilingual. If the original text is in English, it would probably come with a Filipino translation (and also the other way around). In support of MTB-MLE (mother tongue-based multilingual education), we also have books in Cebuano and Ilocano. You will know a book is bilingual because it would have a tag on the upper right corner of the front cover.
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  3. Look for medals. Over fifty of our books have won major awards locally and internationally. Most of these awards were received after publication, so you can be sure that our award-winning titles passed not only the discerning tastes of our editorial team, but also the critical eye of other literary institutions. Our books proudly display their medals on the front cover.
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  4. See our age recommendation. With the help of education, language, and reading experts and through kid-testing, we are able to determine the optimal reading age for our various titles. Flip one of our books over to see our age recommendation below the book summary. Our online bookshop can also be browsed according to age.
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  5. Know your reader. The more you know about who you’re giving books to, the better you can choose! Being aware of your readers’ ages and language skills is just the start. Finding out about their interests, dreams, and challenges will get you much closer to books they will surely love and remember.

Browse our storybook collection now to practice your book-picking skills! Visit our online bookshop or come by our booth at the Manila International Book Fair!

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