Summer classes for kids: Reading and Filipino


This summer, our friends from The Learning Library have exciting new Reading and Filipino classes for kids of all ages!

  • Reading Safari (ages 3-5)
    A fun workshop for children getting ready to read: teaches letter sounds plus word reading strategies, and develops the love of reading
  • Beginning Reading (ages 4-6)
    A workshop that provides the scaffolded learning approach for children just beginning to read, paired with engaging stories to make them effective readers
  • Speak Up, Write Now! (ages 8-12)
    A one-of-a-kind writing and public speaking workshop that builds good composition and effective oral presentation skills
  • Comprehensions and Writing Enrichment (ages 7 & up)
    Aims to develop the love for reading, as well as comprehension strategies critical to school success. Using good literature as model text, we also teach the fundamentals of good writing: grammar, vocabulary, sentency fluency, thought organization
  • From Gods to Gaming: Mythology in the Modern Age (ages 9 & up)
    Analyzes world mythology’s grand themes such as war and love and how they are referenced in modern-day music, film, and culture — while developing critical and creative reading skills
  • Hear Me, Read Me: Blog and Feature Writing (ages 12 & up)
    Whether online or offline, good writing is critical to success. This workshop teaches the fundamentals of good writing and how to find topics that would interest an audience.
  • Beginning Filipino (ages 4-7)
    This workshop builds vocabulary and listening comprehension through story read-alouds and interactive activities. Guaranteed to make learning Filipino fun!
  • Filipino Communication Skills (ages 8-12)
    Where there is genuine appreciation of culture, language learning becomes easier. This interactive class develops oral language and comprehension while deepening awareness of Filipino culture.
  • Speak Up, Write Now! (in Filipino) (ages 8-12)
    A writing and public speaking workshop that develops good composition skills and confidence in speaking in Filipino
  • Kuwentong Filipino at Balarila (ages 7 & up)
    Uses storybooks to help students acquire Filipino comprehension skills quickly and confidently, with grammar exercises that align with school curricula
  • Tuklas Kultura: Experiencing Filipino Culture (ages 11 & up)
    A writing workshop that ignites enthusiasm for what we take pride in as a nation: exposure to Pinoy visual, performing, culinary, and literary arts are jump-off points for the students’ written creations
  • Reading Intervention for children with special needs (offered through The Literacy Ladder)

Contact The Learning Library for more details.

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