Manila Int’l Book Fair: book-signing sched + t-shirt Raffle + free tickets!

Click on image to enlarge. Schedule of new title authors’ & illustrators’ signing.
Many more book creators present at the booth!

September is just around the corner! This year’s Manila International Book Fair, the biggest convention of local and international publishers in the country, will be held from September 17 to 21 (Wed-Sat) this year, still at the SMX Convention Center.

Let us be the first to invite you to mark your calendars for this event, for which we have again prepared many surprises! We can’t possibly fit everything into one post, so we will start this off with the final book-signing schedule of our new title authors and illustrators. (See above image.) Of course, there will be many more authors and illustrators available at our booth so drop by anytime and you might just spot your favorite book creator there! As usual, we are giving out free printable MIBF tickets, just click here to download.

Also, our new shirt has been getting a lot of raves, and inquiries as to its availability. We thought it would be nice to give some out to 30 lucky readers. We will not be selling the shirt, so winners of the raffle will be the only ones, apart from our staff, to have this shirt. (Just click on the shirt for a chance to win one!)


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  1. izzyroa

    Hi! How many can we print from your free tickets? Thanks!

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    This is an event my family looks forward to every September :)
    See you there!

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    MIBF coming fast so soon!!! =D Adarna House gives FREE printable MIBF tickets which is SO AWESOME!!!

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    Come one, come all! :)

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    Save the date!

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    I was always excited to see this event, but I’ve never went to one. Crossing fingers that I can actually come this year!

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    Looking forward to bringing my son Kino and my students in Children’s Literature :)

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  13. Oh my gosh! Thank you so much for the free tickets! We can finally go :3

  14. Hi! Is the printable ticket for MIBF event itself? Thank you!

    • Yes. Just to clarify though, this will serve as entrance to the exhibit halls where the publishers’ booths are. It will not cover other MIBF events, which are in other areas of SMX and may or may not be invitational and/or with a registration fee.

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    Manila International Book Fair is just around the corner! 😍

    September’s getting more more better with these Free Printable Tickets + Tshirt Raffle from Adarna House!

    See you on the book fair!

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    Excited to attend this year’s MIBF :D

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    Libreng MIBF Tickets at Raffle ng Magandang Shirt mula sa Adarna House!

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    One of my favourite events of the year!

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  27. Where should we print the free tickets? just in a short bond paper or some kind of paper? I look forward for a reply. Thank you! So exited for MIBF this year.

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