Free books (and more) for World Read Aloud Day


Did you know that there should be a library in every barangay?

If your barangay doesn’t have one, or if its library is in a sorry state, World Read Aloud Day gives us a chance to raise our voices as one, to demand changes towards raising a community that reads.

Held every first Wednesday of March, World Read Aloud Day is an awareness campaign promoting reading as a basic human right. We encourage everyone to contact your local government and let them know that you, their constituents, value literacy and education. (That should be pretty easy, as most of our public officials/offices have online presence.)

And as it’s Read Aloud Day on March 5, if you will be carrying out a storytelling session at a public school, community library, or day care center, we are giving away books and more exactly for this purpose:

  1. First, register and share your WRAD plans with LitWorld.
  2. There are 10 sets of packages to be given away, which should be used in 10 different venues and storytelling sessions.
  3. To get a chance to receive one of these, share this post on Twitter or Facebook (remember to set the privacy settings of your Share to Public or we won’t see it), tag us and @litworldsays, and use hashtags #wrad and #readaloud .

    Sample post: We’ll be at Sacred Heart Elem Sch on Read Aloud Day! We want these books @adarnahouse ! @litworld #wrad #readaloud

  4. We will acknowledge that posts have been counted for the raffle with a Like or a Retweet. Entries (shares or tweets) will be counted until midnight of February 25 (Tuesday).
  5. The 10 winners will be announced on February 26 (Wednesday) through Facebook, Twitter, and by updating this post.
  6. The winners will each receive a package containing the following items, each with a specific purpose:
    – 2 big books for storytelling
    – 3 storybooks for prizes
    – 30 bookmarks for giveaways
    – 1 Kartilya poster for the venue
    – Ang Pambihirang Buhok ni Raquel tote bag and notebook for the raffle winner
  7. Pick up may be done from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM, upon announcement of winners until March 3 (Monday). If you will come by after office hours, just ask our friendly security guards, and they’ll know what to do.
  8. On March 5, World Read Aloud Day, post photos of your participation online. Posts must be done on the day itself, in an effort to contribute to the buzz on social media.
  9. Each time you post something, remember to use the hashtags #wrad #readaloud and tag us on Twitter, @AdarnaHouse and @litworldsays, or on Facebook, AdarnaHouseOnline.

Visit LitWorld for some ideas on how to participate, and let’s work together in using words to change the world.

Contact Ergoe through (02) 3526765 local 119 for questions.

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