Call for Submissions: 2013 RAP Journal

The Reading Association of the Philippines is pleased to announce that it welcomes submissions to its journal, THE RAP JOURNAL.  The RAP Journal accepts articles on reading, literature, language, literacy education, reading and language teacher education, and related educational topics. These are the sections to which papers may be submitted:

  1. Perspective papers — These papers present prevailing theoretical models of reading, language and literacy education; broad discussions of issues relating to literacy education; and policy proposals for improving reading and language education.  Submissions should not exceed 5,000 words, including the abstract and bibliography. These papers are evaluated for their validity, the strength of their arguments and conclusions, and for the timeliness of the positions presented.
  2. Research — Inquiries into various aspects of literacy comprise majority of the articles published in The RAP Journal.  Articles submitted should report on inquiries conducted within the last 10 years. Research-based articles are evaluated based on the relevance of the research aim, the soundness of the research process, the quality of discussion of the data, and the cohesion between the findings and generalizations.  Articles may not exceed 6,000 words, including the abstract and bibliography.
  3. Theory-to-Practice Articles — These articles share theory-based strategies and approaches that have been tried and tested in the classroom.  Contributors are encouraged to use action research for papers submitted to this section of The RAP Journal. Papers are evaluated based on how well they translate theory into practice, the description of the process of teaching, and the authentic examples presented; and the unity between the findings, conclusions, and recommendations.  Articles may not exceed 3,000 words, including the abstract and bibliography.
  4. Featured Author/Illustrator/Publisher/Storyteller — This is a first-person essay by a writer/illustrator/publisher/storyteller of literature for children or young adults. Submissions to this section usually impart and illustrate the creative process which leads to the creation or rendition of stories made for children and young people. Essays may not exceed 2,000 words, including the abstract and bibliography.
  5. Book Reviews — The evaluation of books on reading education may be submitted to The RAP Journal.  There is preference for books published or available in the Philippines.  The book review must consist of an introduction to the book and its author, a summary of the book and its parts, an assessment of the book’s internal and external qualities, and a discussion of how the book will help promote reading teacher education in the country. A book review may not exceed 1,000 words. 
For inclusion in the 2013 journal article review process and possible publication in the 36th issue of the RAP Journal, submit by July 30, 2013.
All manuscripts will be reviewed using a double-blind review system.  Consolidated comments from reviewers and the editor will be sent to the author/s within 2 months of submission.  Papers may be accepted, accepted pending revisions, revised and resubmitted for a future issue, or rejected.
Download the submission guidelines.

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