Books for babies and toddlers


A board book is a type of book made especially for infants and toddlers to help them start reading. Board books have sturdy pages, including both front and back covers, which are usually made of carton or paperboard. Below are the reasons why board books are perfect for emergent readers.

  1. Board books are durable. Unlike picture books, board books are suitable for small children because the pages are sturdy and bound solidly. Because of this, board books can withstand infants and toddlers’ habits of chewing and throwing anything they can grab hold of.
  2. Board books can be handled by small children. Unlike picture books, board books are smaller in size and appropriately made for infants and toddlers’ small hands. Board books, therefore, are a perfect book type to familiarize babies with books. As we teach them how to turn pages, we also improve their fine motor skills and grasping strength.
  3. Book boards can serve as children’s access to the world of literature. Besides telling stories to children, board books can serve as an entry point for infants and toddlers to appreciate stories, poems and songs. Plus, board books are especially written according to the reading capacity of small children.
  4. Board books can help small children learn basic concepts. A lot of board books are made specifically to teach infants and toddlers basic concepts. Topics usually include sounds, letters of the alphabets, shapes, and the counting numbers. There are also exceptional board books which integrate these concepts in stories, poems and songs.

Adarna House has developed the very first and only available board books for Filipino kids. These board books include the two versions of The World Around Me (Ang Aking Paligid) which introduce readers to things around them; concept books Kulay! and Ang Una Kong Alpabeto; and song books Sampung mga Daliri and Bahay Kubo.

The board books will be available with a discount of 26% at the Back-to-School SALE, down to Php 70.00 each (regularly priced at Php 95.00).  The SALE will happen at our showroom from May 15 to June 15.


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