Right back at you!

As you may know, the Manila International Book Fair is the local publishing event of the year.  So much so that we’ll already be planning next year’s fair by November. Every year, we try hard to make MIBF a source of happiness for our customers, stakeholders, and friends. And this year, we tried harder than ever, with it being our 30th anniversary and all.

And did we feel the love.

For 10 hours a day, and for five days straight, we attended to field trips, purchases, customer inquiries, storytelling audience, facepaintees, authors, illustrators, co-publishers — and we were exhausted. But you got us through it, by truly making us feel appreciated.

Allow us to take this moment to throw the love right back at you!

To our authors and illustrators, who took the time off from their busy lives to join us at the Fair, graciously entertained our customers, and signed countless books for our wonderful readers.

To our facepainters and storytellers, who shared their craft with the kids and kids-at-heart, patiently accommodated even the most challenging requests, and tirelessly helped out with customer purchases when the booth was just overflowing.

To those who joined our photo contest, let us say that we cannot describe the joy we got from each and every photo. We know how difficult it must have been to get your models to cooperate, how many takes you had to do, and how many hours of conceptualizing it must have taken to get that right shot. We relished the humor, imagination, and dedication we found in the pictures you shared.

To the children and parents who participated in the character costume contest — you have made our 30th anniversary absolutely unforgettable! Your effort and creativity is a wonderful gift to the creators of the characters you chose to portray, and we thank you for giving us the opportunity to see our ‘children’ come to life.

To our sellers, who stood for 10 hours straight for all of the five days, took really late lunches, got home very late and still woke up early to get to the Fair in time.  We know how tired you were, because we were too, but we saw that you still had a smile on your face, and that didn’t fail to put the smile back on ours.

Special mentions go to our tireless and veritable storyteller and friend, Jay Menes, and the indefatigable and compelling blogger, Tarie Sabido — your zealous commitment to children and literature is contagious and we delightfully overdose on such excitement whenever you’re around!

To everyone who trooped to the SMX Convention Center to attend the launch, purchase some books, or just stop by and say hello, we completely owe this year’s MIBF success to you.  Your support gave us the strength to fight the fatigue that came from a full week’s worth of work, starting with booth construction, through five days of the fair proper, all the way to booth dismantling. From MIBF’s Day 1 all through Day 5, our booth was filled with people who shared our enthusiasm for children, our commitment to education, and our passion for reading.  And we cannot be prouder to share all this with you.

You guys simply rock. Ü

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