Cosplay the Adarna way!

Did we already say 2010 was our 30th year?

If you’re tuning in just now, we have very exciting news to greet you with!  As part of our anniversary celebrations, we are inviting schools to take part in Maligayang bati, Adarna House! which is a costume contest for grade school students.  Costumes will have to be based on our storybook characters, of course!

We already had the first run at Diliman Preparatory School this week!

Bakit Matagal ang Sundo Ko? with our mascot, Pilandok

The greedy rajah, Emang Engkantada, and Chenelyn

Rahal, Raquel, and Ampalaya

Onyok, Celia, and Benito

The kids look even more amazing in person!  And you will get the chance to see them for real at the book launch at the MIBF, when these kids (plus the kids who will participate in Maligayang Bati this August) will parade around the book fair.  The awarding of the best of the best will also happen at the launch!

If you know a school who’d be interested to celebrate with us through Maligayang Bati, please contact Grace Anastacio through e-mail (grace[at] or phone (372-3548 local 110).

See you at the Manila International Book Fair!


* Cosplay (costume play) is a popular (and fun!) manner of performance that started in Japan, theorized to have branched out from the kabuki tradition.

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