30 for 30 book blowout

It’s our 30th birthday, and we are treating you to an exciting sale:  for an hour in 2010, you can buy 30 storybooks for only 30 pesos each from our showroom.

On March 20, 2010 (a Saturday), all Adarna House  storybooks — worth 65 pesos on regular occasions — will be on sale for 30 pesos each from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM.   On that morning, the showroom doors will only be open for that fateful hour.  The rest of the morning, only Adarna House staff will be allowed to enter the showroom.

The thirty-peso purchases will be limited to 30 books per person, so books in excess of the 30 books have to be purchased at regular price.  Not to worry, all customers who enter the showroom during the given sale period will be allowed to stay in the showroom beyond 11:00 AM  in order to settle their purchases.  After 11:00 AM, selling of 30-peso books will stop, only the books in the hands of customers by 11:00 AM will be considered for the sale.

So.  10:00 AM.  March 20.  Mark your calendars.

1 hour.  30 storybooks.  30 pesos each.

1 hour. 30 storybooks. 30 pesos each.

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