And the plot thickens…

Or so it should, at least when it comes to the projects for our Book Making Workshop, which started with a full house last Friday.

For the first day, author May Tobias-Papa (Estrellita) talked about her book and shared some tips on writing stories. She likened a story to a special dish, with each element — characters, setting, tone, conflict — acting as an important ingredient. She showed the kids how to make a solid character using a character web, and how best to go about making and resolving the main conflict in a story.

With the help of storyteller Kathi Charcos, the kids were guided on a step-by-step process in coming up with the elements of the story, and in writing the narrative itself. Each story was read by May before the kids went home with the author’s advice on how to flesh out their stories’ interesting details.

Same time this week, the kids will return to hear and talk about each other’s stories to further polish their narratives, be equipped with tips on coming up with a title, and (of course!) to have lots of fun in the company of books.

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